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Owl Miss You

Owl Miss You

Japan Travel Diaries Day 2

[9:30 AM] Tsukiji Fish Market

We heard the fish market was a must see destination, so we ventured out early to experience it first hand. I was surprised to see all the non-fish items that were also sold there, such as snacks, desserts and fruit. It's a good idea to skip breakfast so you can try all the unique foods available at the market. Obviously it would be a crime to not have sushi there, so we had sashimi bowl at one of the tiny food stands. I don't think I've had fresher fish or tastier sushi rice. We dubbed it the "OG poke bowl". 


[11:30 pm]  Ginza

Right next to the fish market was Ginza, the upscale luxury shopping center in Tokyo. It was interesting to see how much more expensive designer goods were in Japan. A pair of Dior sunglasses were around $700 and a pair of classic Ray-Bans were $350. And I thought American prices were absurd. No wonder Asian people shop so much in America. The immaculate streets in Ginza perfectly embodied the feeling of luxury. I asked one of the workers where I could go to buy the colored contacts that are so popular in Japan and she laughed saying, "Sorry you won't be able to find those in Ginza". I guess colored contacts aren't a rich people fad. 


[12:30 pm]  Harajuku

Harajuku was definitely one of my favorite areas in Tokyo. It's funky, quirky, weird, and colorful all in the best way. We visited one of the owl cafes in the area and it was definitely quite an unique experience. You should make a reservation in advance since the rooms were quite small. If owls aren't for you, there are plenty of cat, hedgehogs, or even penguin cafes to visit. 

[7:20pm] Robot Cabaret Show

Did you even go to Tokyo if you don't go to the Robot Restaurant? Located inside an alley street that lit up the night sky with its unlimited neon lights, the entire restaurant was decorated to the extreme in robot/sci fi/fantasy theme. Talk about sensory overload. The show itself was also overwhelming. I don't even know how to describe it because I couldn't decided if the show was super cool or just really weird.  It was like a wild cosplay vs robot extravaganza that made you question what the f you were looking at the entire time. It's definitely one of those things that you do once and never again. 

The Day I Fell in Love...With Tokyo

The Day I Fell in Love...With Tokyo